Conversational chatbots for logistics and supply chain

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Omnichannel logistics solutions

With TechnoWizards omnichannel logistic chatbot, clients can easily arrange and track their shipments through popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. By these widely used social media and messaging channels, we provide convenience and accessibility, allowing clients to interact with our logistics services seamlessly.

This streamlined approach enhances the customer experience, simplifies the logistics process, and promotes better communication between clients and our logistics team.

Communicate internationally

TechnoWizards offers AI-powered chatbot that enables seamless and personalized interactions with consumers across different regions and languages. Our chatbots are equipped with natural language processing capabilities, allowing them to understand and respond to customer queries in their preferred language.

By AI technologies, we ensure that language barriers have overcome, enabling effective communication and engagement with customers from diverse backgrounds.

Automate WhatsApp notifications

With TechnoWizards advanced solutions, you can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your payment and shipment notification processes, ensuring instant and efficient communication with your consumers.

By utilizing WhatsApp as a communication channel, you can deliver real-time notifications to your customers, keeping them informed about payment confirmations, shipment statuses, delivery updates, and any other relevant information.

Simplify complex support with our Logistics chatbot

The Logistics chatbot is designed to handle complex support issues by providing straightforward solutions. It can analyze customer inquiries, offer relevant information and guidance, and even initiate automated processes to resolve common issues.

This allows customer care agents to focus on more complex or specialized tasks, while ensuring that customers receive efficient and personalized support.

Self-serve chat tools powered by
artificial intelligence

No-code AI tools

No-code AI empowers logistics and supply chain businesses to quickly deploy and customize chatbots for conversational messaging. Instantly launch a customized Media bot with pre-designed templates to engage and captivate your audience within minutes.

YO-Code AI Tools

With YO-code AI tools, businesses can build customized chatbots that effectively handle conversational messaging in the logistics and supply chain domain. Scripting tools for creating dialog models, or linking with tools such as Dialog flow and Rasa, can be valuable sources of information.

Pre-trained Travel-specific AI models

With pre-trained AI models, chatbots can quickly understand and respond to customer inquiries, providing accurate and relevant information. Leverage the power of automation with our comprehensive suite of solutions, including pre-booking, booking, customer support, payment, and consultative selling workflows, while also benefiting from our NLP-on-the-fly API for seamless processing of natural language queries..

Low-code AI tools

With low-code AI tools, businesses in the logistics and supply chain industry can easily design and customize their conversation bots, tailoring them to specific use cases and requirements. With low code AI tools, businesses and developers can expedite their AI projects, streamline development processes, and achieve faster time-to-market.


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Development in response time.


By automating processes with bots, costs can be reduced.


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